Remedial Exercise with ReAnn

remedial exercise

Because sometimes our workouts need to be slow…..and easy…..

  • Are you plagued with chronic stiffness, aches and pains?
  • Does exercise aggravate your symptoms?
  • Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia?
  • Would you like to ease into a more active lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 60 minute class is for you.

The use of remedial exercises to stretch out tension and improve strength and flexibility will add greatly to the effect of your massage therapy treatments.

Stretching is often neglected by most of us and is one of the most under-utilized techniques for improving athletic performance, preventing sports injury and properly rehabilitating sprain and strain injury. It is a mistake to think that something as simple as stretching won’t be effective, a stretching routine is just as important within a strength and conditioning program for optimal athletic performance. It means properly warming up the body and developing each specific type of stretch and its intensity, duration and frequency.

Focus of this class:

  • eliminating the tension in your muscles,
  • improving your joint mobility,
  • promoting muscle strength,
  • reducing stress.

Date:  Monday April 6th at 6:00 pm (every Monday after)

Cost: $20.00 per class (save more with our packages)

Register with ReAnn by calling (905) 452-5400 or emailing her at

A Remarkable Me Book Club


Between busy schedules and long days, expressing love can fall by the wayside. We forget to compliment, to give gifts “just because,” to linger in our embrace. The things that say “I love you” seem to either not get said or not get through. This is a book about saying it—and hearing it—clearly. No gimmicks. No psychoanalyzing. Just learning to express love in your spouse’s language.

With over 10 MILLION COPIES SOLD, The 5 Love Languages® has transformed countless relationships. Its ideas are simple and conveyed with clarity and humor, making this book practical as it is personable. You’ll be inspired by real-life stories and encouraged by its commonsense approach. reading this book feels like taking a walk with a wise friend. Applying it will forever change your relationship.

Join A Remarkable Me on Thursday April 2nd, 2015 at 6:00 pm and go deep into the pages of The 5 Love LANGUAGES.

With the help of Gary Chapman’s practical guide, this discussion group hopes to help couples and groups experience transformation through thought-provoking, chapter-by-chapter discussion and application questions.

We will discuss ‘The 5 Love LANGUAGES’ weekly starting on Thursday April 2nd to Thursday April 30th, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Cost for 5 weeks: $30.00 plus HST

Register for this 5 week program on Eventbrite.

Join Dr. Anita Chopra, D.C. on Thursday March 12th, @ 5:30 p.m. for A Remarkable Me’s very first Workplace Ergonomics Workshop.

Workshop Ergonomics (1)

  • Find out what common mistakes you may be making while sitting at your desk and how you can quickly and easily fix them.
  • Ask questions and get advice about acute or chronic pain injuries related to improper posture at your work stations.


10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

Originally posted on Eighth Rising:

There’s a blog post that’s recently gone viral, written by a divorced man featuring some really sound advice about marriage (click here to read it).  I really have to applaud this guy.  It takes guts to stand up and be transparent about your failures.  It’s equally as commendable to stand up and say how you’d do things differently.

One thing that his post is lacking, however, is the female perspective.  After reading his post, I wanted to take some time and write down some things that I’ve learned in the last ten years.  You see – I’m now in my third marriage.  When people learn this fact about me, their reaction is usually pretty awkward.  It’s almost as if they’re waiting for me to be embarrassed by my admission. While going through two divorces was some of the most painful times of my life, I’d only feel ashamed if…

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